Hey now, what would you say
If I could read your mind
I wonder how you’d play
Or why you’d betray
Your friends have gone away and so I've seen you hit rock bottom
You know it ain’t right
Now you’re on your own tonight girl.

I took your picture off the wall
Cuz I can’t take those staring eyes anymore
I took your picture off the wall
And threw it all away.

Whoa, here you come
You’re too cool baby
If you could see yourself
You're looking pretty shady
Counting all your chicks before they start hatching
Pickin’ em up, stackin’ em up, what you think you’re catching
Hey babe, who you meeing tonight
Who you teasing tonight
Who you planning to tear down
Doing the bop, going over the top, you don’t know when to stop
You can’t even slow down

Just yesterday I saw the look on your face
You left so suddenly not a sign, without a trace
Now its clear what’s happening to me
I'm moving on, its not meant to be

Whatcha gonna do? Are you rectifying?
In the frying pan, or maybe deep fryin.
You've been so bad.
You know what I'm implying.