Q: How much does it cost? 
A: Since every project has different needs, please click here to get a quote. 

Q: During the process, is my input welcomed?   
A: You're the artist and nobody knows the music better than YOU!   I will experiment with different creative ideas throughout the recording and mixing process to ENHANCE the song and stay true to your artistic vision.  Through email and phone communication, the intended sound will be achieved, while still staying within your budget. 

Q: What is your availability?   How far in advance do I need to book your services? 
A: As with any services, the farther in advance, the better.   Of course, sometimes projects get postponed, so there are occasionally last-minute openings. I can usually mix a song within 2 weeks. 

Q: What styles of music do you record or mix? 
A: I  listen to and understand many styles of music, and record and mix many different styles including rock, pop, folk, blues, latin, jazz, contemporary classical, orchestral, R&B, Hip Hop, and World Music. 

Q: How long does it take to mix a song?  
A: While it depends on the size of the session, number of tracks, the complexity of the music, etc., it usually takes two days per song once there is an opening in my schedule. A minimum of 12–18 hours is spent on each song to give it the technical and creative attention each song deserves. 

Q: Can I have you mix one song before I commit to you mixing the entire project?  
A: Of course. 

Q: What is the best way to send my files to you?  
A: The most efficient way is to send files via Dropbox or WeTransfer.  

Q: What types of file format should I send?  
A: WAV files, 44.1k thru 192k, 24 bit or 32 bit. If your files are coming from Digital Performer, CuBase or Logic, I will give you detailed instructions of the best way to prepare the files. Please send the Pro Tools session if that is the DAW you are using.